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  • Where are you located?
    We are located at 429 Meadowlark Drive in Berthoud, CO right next to Kwik Korner gas station. Yes, we are that crazy purple building!
  • Do you have more than one location?
    No. Right now we are a solo, independent shop with no plans to expand. We formerly owned Kofe House, also located in Berthoud, but sold that business to another local family in April of 2022. We no longer share association in a business way, but cheer them on!
  • What are your hours?
    We are open Monday through Saturday from 6am-6pm, and on Sundays from 7am-6pm. We close for the entire day on Easter, Thanksgiving and New Years. We often limit hours on other holidays and will update our Facebook, Instagram, Google Listing and our website to inform you of any changes!
  • Can I call in my order?
    Yes! You can call us at (970)-532-9963 to place your order ahead of time! We are happy to start preparing your order prior to you getting here, we just ask that you utilize our walk up window on the North side of the building (facing the gas station) to pick up your order during our busiest times of day, 7am-11am.
  • Why the name change?
    We started as Jo To Go in 1996, but our trademark lapsed and another business scooped it up & started sending us cease and desist letters (rude.) We could have spent thousands fighting them, or we could change our name and keep that money in the community. We chose the community. When we switched our name to Kofe, we did so to align with our downtown cafe that was also owned by our family. We were never a franchise, but it was a challenge to get that message across. When we sold Kofe House downtown, we decided it was best for us to change our name to avoid any confusion or conflict, and Joyful Brews was born. Regardless of our name, we have always been the same coffee, same family, and have worked hard to be an important part of our community. That will never change!
  • Do you deliver?
    We do not deliver. We do not use any third party services such as GrubHub, DoorDash, or UberEats. If you see us on there, it is not coming from our business.
  • Can I redeem Kofe gift cards and punch cards at your location?
    No. We honored Kofe gift cards & punch cards for 6 months after the sale of Kofe House, in April 2022. To us, it is no different than redeeming a Starbucks, Ziggis, or other competitors gift cards and loyalty points now. We apologize if this causes an inconvenience, but 6 months was plenty of time to come in and get switched over. You will have to go to Kofe House to redeem gift cards moving forward.
  • Are you hiring?
    No, but we always accept applications! We are a fortunate small business that experiences nearly no turnover. All applications are held onto for one year before we shred them. We suggest filling one out yearly. We are also old school and only take paper resumes, or paper applications that can be picked up at the shop. E-mailed resumes & inquiries for employment will not be responded to at this time.
  • I need a donation, how do I get one?
    Send an email inquiry to, or personally stop by the shop while the owner, Amanda, is working. (Typically Tuesday-Thursday in the mornings) We get hundreds of inquiries per year for donations and consider each and every one based on timing, budget and local impact. High priority donations will always be ones that directly benefit Berthoud and the people that live here: schools, libraries, food drives, clothing drives, helping local unhoused people, children in need, or helping to provide support for lgbtqia+ youth. We will try to contribute as often as we can, but as a small business we can't always say yes, but we will always try.
  • Will you ship me coffee beans?
    Sure! Just ask, we will charge our price per pound + shipping, but we're happy to do it! You can do this with any of our non-perishable products/supplies.
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